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What makes a Mac a Mac?

The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores low-level settings for the Microsoft Windows operating system and for applications that opt to use the registry. The kernel , device drivers , services , Security Accounts Manager , and user interfaces can all use the registry. The registry also allows access to counters for profiling system performance.

In other words, the registry or Windows Registry contains information, settings, options, and other values for programs and hardware installed on all versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

For example, when a program is installed, a new subkey containing settings such as a program's location, its version, and how to start the program, are all added to the Windows Registry. When introduced with Windows 3. Windows 95 and Windows NT extended its use to rationalize and centralize the information in the profusion of INI files , which held the configurations for individual programs, and were stored at various locations.

For example,. NET Framework applications use XML files for configuration, while portable applications usually keep their configuration files with their executables. Prior to the Windows Registry,. INI files stored each program's settings as a text file or binary file , often located in a shared location that did not provide user-specific settings in a multi-user scenario.

By contrast, the Windows Registry stores all application settings in one logical repository but a number of discrete files and in a standardized form. According to Microsoft , this offers several advantages over. INI files. Furthermore, strongly typed data can be stored in the registry, as opposed to the text information stored in. This is a benefit when editing keys manually using regedit.

exe , the built-in Windows Registry Editor. Because user-based registry settings are loaded from a user-specific path rather than from a read-only system location, the registry allows multiple users to share the same machine, and also allows programs to work for less privileged users. Because the registry is a database, it offers improved system integrity with features such as atomic updates.

If two processes attempt to update the same registry value at the same time, one process's change will precede the other's and the overall consistency of the data will be maintained. Where changes are made to. INI files, such race conditions can result in inconsistent data that does not match either attempted update. Note however that NTFS provides such support for the file system as well, so the same guarantees could, in theory, be obtained with traditional configuration files.

The registry contains two basic elements: keys and values. Registry keys are container objects similar to folders. Registry values are non-container objects similar to files. Keys may contain values and subkeys. Keys are referenced with a syntax similar to Windows' path names, using backslashes to indicate levels of hierarchy.

Keys must have a case insensitive name without backslashes. The hierarchy of registry keys can only be accessed from a known root key handle which is anonymous but whose effective value is a constant numeric handle that is mapped to the content of a registry key preloaded by the kernel from a stored "hive", or to the content of a subkey within another root key, or mapped to a registered service or DLL that provides access to its contained subkeys and values.

There are seven predefined root keys, traditionally named according to their constant handles defined in the Win32 API, or by synonymous abbreviations depending on applications : [4]. Like other files and services in Windows, all registry keys may be restricted by access control lists ACLs , depending on user privileges, or on security tokens acquired by applications, or on system security policies enforced by the system these restrictions may be predefined by the system itself, and configured by local system administrators or by domain administrators.

Different users, programs, services or remote systems may only see some parts of the hierarchy or distinct hierarchies from the same root keys. Registry values are referenced separately from registry keys.

Each registry value stored in a registry key has a unique name whose letter case is not significant. Registry values may contain backslashes in their names, but doing so makes them difficult to distinguish from their key paths when using some legacy Windows Registry API functions whose usage is deprecated in Win The terminology is somewhat misleading, as each registry key is similar to an associative array , where standard terminology would refer to the name part of each registry value as a "key".

In this sense, the Windows 3 registry was like a single associative array, in which the keys in the sense of both 'registry key' and 'associative array key' formed a hierarchy, and the registry values were all strings. When the bit registry was created, so was the additional capability of creating multiple named values per key, and the meanings of the names were somewhat distorted.

Each value can store arbitrary data with variable length and encoding, but which is associated with a symbolic type defined as a numeric constant defining how to parse this data.

The standard types are: [7]. The keys at the root level of the hierarchical database are generally named by their Windows API definitions, which all begin "HKEY". HKCU and HKLM. Technically, they are predefined handles with known constant values to specific keys that are either maintained in memory, or stored in hive files stored in the local filesystem and loaded by the system kernel at boot time and then shared with various access rights between all processes running on the local system, or loaded and mapped in all processes started in a user session when the user logs on the system.

However, the converse may apply for administrator-enforced policy settings where HKLM may take precedence over HKCU. The Windows Logo Program has specific requirements for where different types of user data may be stored, and that the concept of least privilege be followed so that administrator-level access is not required to use an application. The key located by HKLM is actually not stored on disk, but maintained in memory by the system kernel in order to map all the other subkeys.

Applications cannot create any additional subkeys. A fifth subkey, "HARDWARE", is volatile and is created dynamically, and as such is not stored in a file it exposes a view of all the currently detected Plug-and-Play devices.

Even though the registry presents itself as an integrated hierarchical database, branches of the registry are actually stored in a number of disk files called hives. Some hives are volatile and are not stored on disk at all.

This hive records information about system hardware and is created each time the system boots and performs hardware detection. Individual settings for users on a system are stored in a hive disk file per user. Not all hives are loaded at any one time.

At boot time, only a minimal set of hives are loaded, and after that, hives are loaded as the operating system initializes and as users log in or whenever a hive is explicitly loaded by an application.

The registry is physically stored in several files, which are generally obfuscated from the user-mode APIs used to manipulate the data inside the registry. Depending upon the version of Windows, there will be different files and different locations for these files, but they are all on the local machine. dat inside the user profile. There is one of these per user; if a user has a roaming profile , then this file will be copied to and from a server at logout and login respectively.

A second user-specific registry file named UsrClass. dat contains COM registry entries and does not roam by default. Windows NT systems store the registry in a binary file format which can be exported, loaded and unloaded by the Registry Editor in these operating systems. For Windows , Server and Windows XP, the following additional user-specific file is used for file associations and COM information:.

Windows keeps an alternate copy of the registry hives. ALT and attempts to switch to it when corruption is detected. alt hive because NTLDR on those versions of Windows can process the System. log file to bring up to date a System hive that has become inconsistent during a shutdown or crash.

Each registry data file has an associated file with a ". log" extension that acts as a transaction log that is used to ensure that any interrupted updates can be completed upon next startup.

DAT and SYSTEM. DAT with the addition of CLASSES. DAT in Windows ME. Also, each user profile if profiles are enabled has its own USER. The only registry file is called REG. Note: To access the registry files, the Phone needs to be set in a special mode using either:. If any of above Methods worked - The Device Registry Files can be found in the following location:.

The registry contains important configuration information for the operating system, for installed applications as well as individual settings for each user and application. If a user wants to edit the registry manually, Microsoft recommends that a backup of the registry be performed before the change. After this, the user might need to manually remove any reference to the uninstalled program in the registry. This is usually done by using RegEdit. problems when logging onto a domain can be resolved by editing the registry.

Windows Registry can be edited manually using programs such as RegEdit. exe, although these tools do not expose some of the registry's metadata such as the last modified date. The registry editor for the 3. exe and for Windows NT it is RegEdt exe; the functionalities are merged in Windows XP. exe are available for many Windows CE versions. REG files also known as Registration entries are text-based human-readable files for exporting and importing portions of the registry using an INI -based syntax.

On Windows and later, they contain the string Windows Registry Editor Version 5. On Windows 9x and NT 4. REG files are compatible with Windows and later. The Registry Editor on Windows on these systems also supports exporting. Data is stored in. REG files using the following syntax: [26].

Data from. REG files can also be used to remove registry data. To remove a key and all subkeys, values and data , the key name must be preceded by a minus sign "-". Windows group policies can change registry keys for a number of machines or individual users based on policies. When a policy first takes effect for a machine or for an individual user of a machine, the registry settings specified as part of the policy are applied to the machine or user settings.

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NFT: Ribs- do them your way. The policy file is created by a free tool by Microsoft that goes by the filename poledit. Windows keeps an alternate copy of the registry hives. Different editions of Windows have supported a number of different methods to back up and restore the registry over the years, some of which are now deprecated:. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors. What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Cite this page Wikidata item. Retrieved August 28,

Main article: Group Policy. NFT: Mount Rushmore of NY Sports. Also, each user profile if profiles are enabled has its own USER. Prior to the introduction of registration-free COMdevelopers were encouraged to add initialization code to in-process and out-of-process binaries to perform the registry configuration required for that object to work. He thinks you're all far too mean about Binary option beast download Ex: Invisible War. This section needs additional citations for verification. Archived from the original on February 19,